Project Ideas

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When considering science fair project topics, there are different approaches to take. Some high school science projects are more traditional while others are more fun. This article will explore a variety of science fair projects which cover a vast array of topics.

Science Fair Project Topics

High school science fair project ideas can cover many topics. It’s best to find an area of science that you are most comfortable with when doing a science project. Be sure the topic is something that you can understand thoroughly, while writing about it and creating a visual aid to go along with it. Some ideas to consider include:

  • What are the effects of acid rain on plants?
  • What are the mathematical possibilities of life on other planets?
  • How does meditation affect the brain?
  • How do plants transpire under different light sources?
  • Is global warming real?
  • What is the effect of solar activity on Earth?

High School Science Projects

Many good science fair project ideas exist for high school. Consider taking a step away from mainstream science to explore some other possibilities. For example, parapsychology is a branch of science that studies such topics as life after death. Consider a science project which explores if ghosts are real. There are more topic ideas including:

  • Can animals be psychic?
  • Is there any evidence to support that reincarnation exists?
  • Can the creation story and the theory of evolution coexist?
  • Is time travel really possible?

Fun Science Fair Projects

A good, fun science fair project can help promote learning. A really fun topic is, “What are the best pickup lines?” This may initially like a joke. However, it’s actually an experiment in psychology. What kind of initial approaches to women will generate the most responses? Other science fair projects for consideration are:

  • How many chocolate candy bars can a person eat and what causes a person to no longer want the candy?
  • Can dinosaurs really be re-created as they were in Jurassic Park?
  • Is the Hollow Earth theory possible?
  • Can a light saber be made in real life?

Good Science Fair Projects

There is still a multitude of science fair project ideas. When making a high school science project, start with an interesting topic. Be sure to include a hypothesis, step-by-step details of the project, results and conclusion, along with visual aids that will stand out and attract people to your display.

Science myths can make for an interesting science fair project. A project could consist of debunking common science myths such as there is no gravity in outer space or that hair and fingernails continue to grow after death. Additional ideas include:

  • How do different cooking methods affect vitamin C content?
  • What is the impact of cutting down trees in the world’s rain forests?
  • What affects can weather have on a person’s mood?
  • What kind of fruit generates the most electricity?
  • Will magnetic levitation help reduce friction?

When looking for high school science fair ideas, be sure to pick something that holds a real interest and will allow for learning while being creative with the project. Whether a traditional project or something a little different, be sure to research thoroughly and enjoy the project.