Volunteer Programs for High School Students

Apr/ 22/ 2019

The summer is a welcomed break for high school students around the country and while some decide to take on a summer job, others may seek out the opportunity to volunteer. The Student Conservation Association (SCA) provides all students, including

How To Succeed

VCE History Revolutions Exam – Some Advice On How To Succeed

Apr/ 22/ 2019

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) History Revolutions Exam accounts for 50 per cent of the final grade for Australian students studying this History course. There are two basic elements that will determine how successful you are in the final

Private School

Private School Expectations

Apr/ 22/ 2019

Private schools are tuition-driven and the competition among schools to attract qualified students is great. School information, however, is often condensed into short brochures and carefully staged “open house” events that fail to answer important questions for parents and guardians

Project Ideas

High School Science Fair Project Ideas

Apr/ 22/ 2019

When considering science fair project topics, there are different approaches to take. Some high school science projects are more traditional while others are more fun. This article will explore a variety of science fair projects which cover a vast array